Webly Roundup

Husbee and I saw The Avengers last night for our lunaversary (Joss Whedon rocked that, naturally). Late night makes for a late start today, but Yea though I walk through the valley of mild sleep deprivation, I shall fear no self-recrimination! Am stubbornly bush-whacking through Apter's book, and chugging away at Alanna.

But if you need a break, here is a collection of excellent things from around the web to distract and delight.

Wendy MacNaughton's excellent illustrated epic of this year's 99% Conference.

Dead Duck Day is coming up!

Geoffrey Pullum makes a great point about a common grammatical misconception.

A professional portfolio site-building platform, free until you publish and 11 dollars/month afterwards. No knowledge of code needed!

The Paperless Post: good Samaritans trying to bring a little of the traditional post back to your e-communication. Mostly free, completely gorgeous graduation cards, change of address notices, party invitations, anything else you could possibly want!

The two grandfathers of Economic Theory engaged in a rap battle! Keynes vs. Hayek, round one and round two.

Have a great rest of the week!

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